Inquire for your event right here, right now! Moonlight's full event services are just a few clicks away. We're gassed up and ready to kick your party into high gear. Just follow these three steps to claim your space on the moon. See you soon, sweet disco-babies.

You got the space. But you don't got the skates. We can bring the goods right to you! The Moonlight Mobile Skate Counter can touch down anywhere—pavilions, venues, warehouses. You name it.

We'll suit you up and boot you up. Just tell us where to land.

Cost: $1000

Additional Time: $350/Hour


Truly a sight to behold. The Pop-Up Roller Disco consists of the Star-Floor; a beautiful 40x60 wooden tongue-and-groove surface ready for skating, our mobile skate counter, and all the extras you need for the disco of your dreams. We bring the floor right to you, set it up, and leave you and your friends rolling to your heart's desire.

Expect a totally smooth skate experience, and don't sweat the size of your venue—the Star-Floor can easily be scaled down to meet your needs!

Cost $5500

Additional Time: $750/Hour


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